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Helping Our Children Reach for the Future

The Hawaii State Board of Education and the Department of Education have embarked on an extraordinary journey that willstudents arriving at school transform the way we operate our schools and offices. The student results of this transformation will be academic achievement, safety and well being, and responsible citizens.

The Reinventing Education Act of 2004, passed by the Hawaii State Legislature, enables the Department of Education to significantly reshape our public school system.

The DOE calls this effort the Reinventing Education Act for the Children of Hawaii (REACH). It is based on three key principles:

  • Empowerment: Our principals and communities will have greater reach – more authority, more decision-making ability and more control over funds.

  • Streamlining: When our schools reach for resources, they will get them quickly and easily.

  • Accountability: With greater reach, comes greater responsibility. Everyone in the Department of Education – teachers, principals, administrative and support staff – will be held to high, measurable standards, studentand will be responsible for achieving those standards.

REACH enables the Department of Education to ensure that basic needs of our schools are met, system-wide policies are set, and key decisions affecting students are made at the school level. To do this, the Department of Education will be innovative, service-oriented and accountable.

REACH enables educators, students, parents, and community members to achieve enormous and meaningful change. We invite to join us on this journey and help our children reach for the future.




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